Which is the Best App Development Platform? Phone Gap vs. Xamarin vs. Native

The mobile world is continuously changing and developing. If your business recognizes the need for mobile app in order to run into major platform as well as devices, you surely face a dilemma, Phone Gap vs. Xamarin vs. Native Points. Aside from choosing which platform to use, you also become concern on how these applications will be efficiently accessed or how it will look like if used in various smart devices. You are also concern if these applications will be used easily and the user will be able to find his or her navigation to your business offering.

Android and iOS are the 2 most famous platforms in the mobile world and so, most developers are showing interest to target these platforms and it really forced them to develop various applications for different mobile devices. Below are the three applications that you can use for your business. Read through these to determine which app is better:

1. Phone Gap
This is mobile app development framework which is based on the open source known as Apache Cordova project. By means of utilizing this framework, the developers will be given the chance to create native mobile applications that works efficiently on different devices through using HTML, Java Script and CSS without missing any feature of the native app. The PhoneGap Build provides cloud based service which is built on top of Phone gap framework. The extensible architecture of Phone gap enables enterprises to tap any mobile device’s full potential.

2. Xamarin
Xamarin is known as a world-class development environment designed for cross-platform mobile apps. Through the use of Xamarin with Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio, you can take advantage of powerful and modern IDEs that helps in boosting the development process as well as simplifying support and development process. This mobile app development framework provides high performance compiled code together with the full access on different native APIS. With this, you can develop native apps through your device-specific experience. The things that you can do with Java or Objective-C can also be possibly done in C# thru Xamarin.

3. Native App
Native App is referred to as an application program which has been developed to be used on particular device or platform. Creating native app also means utilizing native language platform, Java on Android and Objective-C for iOS. One of the best advantages of this app is its performance. Its best performance comes with fluid and fast animations and full access to multi touch support, latest APIs and phone hardware.
Whatever mobile app development platform you use, it will be dependent upon the type of business you own. These three app development platforms are all helpful however you should always remember that not all applications are efficient and applicable for all. You can try which one fits best with the type and size of your business. Surely, you will find the app that will improve and boost your business or enterprise, thus leads to Success!

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