How to choose between PPC or Organic Search Marketing ?

Most of all business organization, despite of their size are realizing the significance of online marketing particularly through search engines. In today’s competent world, people become more likely to end up in your website thru searching engine rather than directly going into it. It is very important that your brand has strong and powerful presence in various search engines, which in turn ensures that you are truly in front of your prospect audiences. On the other hand, you still need to make a decision as what tools you should use, organic (SEO) or PPC (pay-per click ads).

So what do we mean by organic and PPC?

Organic search is the common term used as an alternative for search engine results, which are naturally produced and is not influenced by any commercial relationships between the search provider and organization, ISP and other parties that host search results. This is considered as the opposite of the paid search results in which the prominence present on a certain platform can be purchased by the advertiser as a form of a commodity.  Usually, the web users are paying more attention to organic search results and they are also trying to focus on natural results. On the contrary, the paid search results such as PPC have greater impact and effect on their audience.

Whereas, PPC or pay per click is known as an internet advertising model which is used to direct traffic directly to your websites. With this, the advertisers are required to pay certain amount if the ad has been clicked. This is also called as “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked”. PPC is the process of using search engine advertising in order to successfully generate clicks for your website instead of “earning” the clicks organically.

Furthermore, both organic and PPC are part of SEM or Search Engine Marketing, which is considered as one of the efficient tools that you can use for your overall Internet marketing campaign. Surely, you find it difficult choose between organic and PPC right? Below are few points to consider:

The PPC ads can be found on the sidebar and above the organic search results.
Organic results only appear at the bottom or middle of the search page.

Acquiring traffic through organic is free however you need to exert effort as well as hard work in order to get the free traffic from the search engines.
The cost for PPC is dependent upon various factors. It sometimes depends on the number of keywords, related web sites and advertisers and others.

Traffic Potential
For PPC, PPC ads may get more clicks however you need to pay more for the added clicks.
While for organic, traffic may enter continuously provided that your website has been ranked top on various search engines.

Compared to other forms, organic traffic is better however, in terms of conversion, organic is not as good as PPC traffic.
PPC comes with highly optimized keywords which generate more conversions however you need to pay more.

Based on the given points, you can now decide which is better, organic or PPC. These points will serve as your guide.

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